Sunday, August 9, 2009

Neverwinter Nights Character Lab

I've been playing multiplayer Neverwinter Nights with my daughter off and on for - sheesh - five years. This year it's gotten serious and we've been through conversions of the old D&D B1, B2, U1 and U2 modules. To top that off, my son is now joining in with us. That's a lot of fun from a game that now sells for $15 new.

As a result of all of that, and my lack of knowledge of the 3rd Edition D&D mechanics, we end up wanting to tweak characters from time to time. I switched my dwarf from fighter to cleric a while ago. At the time, I used two computers, one with the DM client, to create a new PC with the same name and level him up to where my other dwarf was and painstakingly create the right gear for him. Now I'm considering retiring the dwarf and switching over to a wizard or sorcerer, now that we're high enough level to make that more fun and survivable. I wasn't looking forward to shuffling around with the DM client and trying to figure out the best skills and feats.

But I recently found the Novice to Epic Character Maker. It's a module that lets you tweak a character in many ways. There is a mechanism to give and remove experience points and levels. There is an ulimited supply of gold and stores with all the game items, organized in several different ways. There is also a way to tweak the appearance of items if you're into that. Then there is an arena to summon and fight appropriately challenging creatures if you need to test out gear, spells, skills, etc. It's a great time-saver for me and a way to get more out of NWN.

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  1. Sounds cool that you use NWN like this. Don't make the mistake of switching to NWN2 - it doesn't add enough for the huge performance hit you'll deal with. Now if you have a pretty nice video card and a recent computer, it should be fine. And NWN2 does add some nice things.