Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Page Dungeon - "Under Construction"

I did manage to get a simple One Page Dungeon submission finished. I had originally wanted to do a ruined keep and still have the more involved map from that, but I couldn't finish it on time.

So instead I threw together a simple first adventure challenge that I titled Under Construction. I posted it on Scribd here.

It's an evil temple still in the construction process. My vision is that it's carved into the side of a cliff (like the Buddhas of Bamyan) on the site of an existing cave. An evil cleric, a few undead, and a near mutinous goblin construction crew provide plenty of challenge for a first level party.

I had fun getting this done even though I really didn't have time due to some work stuff. The map never got shaded, I didn't get to sketch a view of the entrance, and the text is horribly quick, but hey, I finished it!

Update: The 'Hobbyist' version of the One Page Dungeon Codex 2009 is now available here, as well as a single PDF file of all 114 entries, all for free.