Thursday, May 7, 2009

Neverfinished Nights

Just yesterday I finally finished the original Neverwinter Nights, almost 3 years after starting. I pretty much abandoned it after a few weeks and have only occasionally come back to it. I clearly couldn't make it through the game the way I wanted to. I went in with my trusty hobbit halfling thief rogue that's been my favorite character since Fineous Fingers was still in Dragon magazine.

Unfortunately, the appeal of my thief in the pen and paper D&D is that he went outside the box and often side-stepped whole encounters, to the frustration of many a DM. He was strong enough to handle himself in a fight though. At least he was until Neverwinter Nights.

I'm still on the fence about continuing the solo campaign. I might start the next one with a different character, or create a new version of my favorite halfling rogue.

I'm still playing a lot of NWN, but it's been all multiplayer with my kid(s).

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