Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Welcome to my new blog. I'm starting this to give me an outlet for some more heavy-duty RPG writing than I post to my mostly unnotable personal blog. I will eventually think of a better name for this blog, but apparently most of the witty variations of Keep on the Borderlands are already taken. 

I'll save my long history with RPGs for a later post, if ever, but a little context is in order. I started playing D&D in 1979 when I was 10. I was heavily into 1st Edition AD&D before I shelved D&D for several years in college (playing other games instead). I got back into D&D a few years later when 2nd Edition was still relatively new and played heavily for a year or two, then shelved it again for more college, marriage, etc. It's pretty much remained on the shelf ever since. And by "on the shelf" I mean 6 big boxes of almost every single 1st Edition product and most of the core 2nd Edition products. I have a decent collection of the "basic" game products but have not really played them since the very early 1980s. I even own a complete set of the original D&D products, except Chainmail, but including the suggested Outdoor Survival game.

So back to my purpose for this blog... I'm getting more and more interested in D&D again. I've had some interest in publishing my own material for a while and might finally make some progress there. I've recently spent a fair bit of time learning to draw, having all but given up art many years ago. I also love maps and am a big Photoshop geek, so cartography scratches those itches well.

Finally, a big reason for me getting back to D&D these days is that my kids are finally of an age where they want to play. I'd like to spend some time building more kid-friendly, approachable D&D material for today's kids.

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